amadora bd

Identity design and communication campaign

October, 2019
We were tasked with creating a design and branding project with a cohesive and visually striking concept that would effectively communicate the spirit of the annual comic book festival, Amadora BD to its attendees.

We were responsible for the development of the graphic concept, branding, outdoor communication, social media communication, TV ads, merchandising, web design, signage, and decoration of the festival space. Each aspect of the project was carefully crafted to align with the overall vision and goals of the festival.

Visual and overall concept

For the 30th AMADORA BD we created a communication concept that taps directly into the comic book conversation, being our intention for the characters in the illustration to communicate the event through speech balloons.

The text itself was also worked in order to transmit the message through different dimensions of meaning. Our concept was a play on the name Amadora BD: Amadora home to the annual comic book festival and BD which means comics in Portuguese (banda desenhada – drawn panel).

We wanted to show the love for the comic art so we cut the word Amadora and added an extra “A” so you would get Ama (Love) Adora (Adore) BD (Comics) also using the hyphen as a spelling element and made it a graphic element helping us sharing the A with the two words without repeating it in its entirety.

We bet on a more visual and graphic way of communicating, versatile and with a lot of potential to adapt to each piece created.



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