Associação Mutualista Montepio


Concept, naming and identity design

September, 2017
Creation of the name and concept “AMME” and all graphic identity“ for Montepio Experiências”.

The name and graphic image were designed with a focus on passion for experiences and the intention of conveying the unique opportunities that the Montepio Mutual Association is able to offer its members.

In order to achieve a greater recognition and emotional connection through their initiatives, we developed a new name and a new image that appeals to our emotions.

And thus, we took the initials of Associação Mutualista Montepio – AMM and united with the imperative mood of the verb “to love” in Portuguese (Ame) blending into AMME – Associação Mutualista Montepio Experiências.

AMME invites its members to love each experience.
Lazer e Bem-estar
Aventura e Ar Livre
Famílias e Mais Novos
Cultura e Património
Artes e Espetáculos

The name AMME also gave us enormous freedom to create new icons for their different types of experiences like “Amme Descobrir” (Love to discover) for their adventure and open air experiences or Amme Crescer (Love to Grow) for their family and young ones experiences.

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User experience as a form of communication

We also created a mutation of the “AMME” communication to be used in a post-experience situation: the “AMMEI,” once again an allusion to the verb “to love,” but this time in the past tense, reflecting on how the user lived the experience and how they loved it.

This mutation translates to “AMM Unforgettable Experiences”.

The goal is to invite some members to record their experiences and share them with Montepio, creating a new communication that records and shows how remarkable and unforgettable these experiences are.

This way, a stronger bond between these experiences and their users is created, and also AMM starts to reference some members, who will be known as true fans of these experiences.

Graphically, we made the heart of each account have a background of an image allusive to the experience in question.

Animation, Communication Design, Identity Design