Editorial Design

October, 2015
Introducing Patrimónios – an editorial design project for the magazine Gerador, issue number 6. This issue of Gerador, which focused on heritage, was designed to showcase the diverse and rich culture of Portugal through an innovative and engaging format.

One of the key features of this issue is the use of 3D elements throughout the magazine providing an immersive reading experience and adding an extra layer of depth to the subject matter. By providing a pair of 3D glasses with the magazine, readers are able to fully immerse themselves in the content and gain a deeper understanding of the heritage being highlighted.

Gerador is a platform created for the purpose of promoting Portuguese culture, authors, and organizations from various fields, from art to cinema, literature to comics and arts and crafts. Every issue of the magazine is completely redesigned by a new designer, ensuring that each issue is unique and reflects the individual designer’s vision. This approach allows for a fresh perspective on the promotion of Portuguese culture with every new issue.

Magazine Launch

Photos by Herberto Smith

Anaglyph 3D video used in the launch event

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Editorial, Identity Design, Illustration