Flux Pavillion

pull the trigger

Artistic animation for a music video

May, 2017
“Pull the Trigger” showcases the collaboration between an artist collective and Flux Pavilion.

In 2016, on of Flux Pavilion’s music video featured GIFs created by other artists without giving them credit.
After the issue was brought to their attention, Flux Pavilion took steps to credit the artists and eventually took the video down at the request of some of the artists.

One of the affected artists, Popsicle Illusion, reached out to some of the other artists and asked if they would be interested in creating visuals for Flux Pavilion’s new video.

The collective, including Popsicle Illusion, Pi-Slices, Matt Corbin, Hexeosis, Luis Aretuo and us, eagerly accepted the offer and the result was a stunning 4 and a half minutes animation extravaganza for Flux Pavilion’s song “Pull the Trigger.”

The project commissioned by Flux Pavilion serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of giving credit where credit is due.
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3D Art, Animation, Illustration