Sonae Sierra


Identity design and communication campaign

December, 2020
All inclusive design project for Sonae Sierra’s Surprise Card that includes concept, design, illustration, web, window displays and much more.

The Surprise gift card by Sonae Sierra is a rechargeable gift card which can be used in all their shopping centers and with more than 1600 brands.

The card was not given the attention it needed so in 2020 we were tasked with rethinking all the communication with the objective of giving it “a second chance”.

For this project we created a complete new approach for the brand and a wide set of communication materials.

rebranding + christmas

For the rebranding we took the concept of a shopping spree seen as a tornado and we took the Surprise logo shape and used it to created an illustration filled with different products.

The vortex design featured illustrated images of different types of products swirling around in a spiral, creating a sense of movement.

The Surprise logo was placed in the center of the vortex, emphasizing that it is the key to unlocking the access to all the products represented in the illustration.

This design is a visually striking way to depict the wide variety of products available to purchase with the card and help to convey the message that the gift card is versatile and can be used to buy a wide variety of different items.

For the Christmas campaign we modified slightly the vortex and transformed it into a conical shape like a Christmas tree. This tree stood as background for the models that always had some product highlighted in red, trying to tell us that it’s an item bought with Surprise.

3d and 2d displays

3d street display

The 3D displays were created with the intention of letting our imagination run wild.

The gift card is always the main character of the display and it has the center stage.

Surrounding it, we always find illustrated products that can be bought with the card. In some of the scenarios the products swirl around the card while in others they seem to originate giving a sense of movement.

In this scenes all the items are 3D, made of cardboard or pvc, and they are assembled, glued or hanged giving us a 3D outdoor in a theatrical and, at the same time playful, way.

All the 3D displays are illuminated to create more impact and depth.

We also created some 2D displays to be used on the front of stores that are in maintenance or between renters. The intention of this images is to create a illusion of depth on the printed cover of the displays.

3d street display
3d street display
2d mall display
2d mall display
2d mall display
2d mall display


After developing the website it saw a significant increase in sales after its launch. We worked closely with the client developers to create a custom website that effectively communicates their brand and products.

The website was designed with user experience in mind, making it easy for visitors to navigate and find the information they need.

The website’s clean and modern design, responsive layout, and clear call-to-action buttons all contributed to the company’s success.

We loved having played such a part in their success and excited to continue working with them in the future.

product page
store page


animated outdoors

We’ve created a collection of animated videos to showcase the features and benefits of the Surprise card in an engaging and visually appealing way. These videos were displayed on screens inside the shopping centers, highlighting how the card can be used in different scenarios, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Children’s Day.

We used a combination of animation and photos to create a dynamic and engaging viewing experience. The videos are designed to be entertaining and informative, and they provide a unique way for shoppers to learn about the card and its benefits, providing a comprehensive overview of how the card can be used to make everyday life easier. We are confident that these videos were a valuable addition to the shopping center experience and helped to increase awareness of the card among shoppers.

2D Animation, Communication Design, Copywriting, Display Design, Identity Design, Illustration, Strategy, Web Design