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February, 2021
When a woman tells her story, when she speaks openly about what she knows or lets her voice be heard, she inspires an entire world of other women. She helps them believe it is possible, she shows them a different way, she tells them they’re not alone.

Sharing is empowering. Womanity was founded by Alexandra Quadros and Tânia Falcão, an online magazine mainly written by women who wish to share their knowledge and experience, in order to inspire other women and a podcast where women talk about their experiences.

With this in mind, we created the graphic identity, layout and development and all editorial illustrations of the online magazine as also the graphic identity, theme music for the podcast and a motion graphics video for the launch of the project.

Online Magazine design

We aimed for a clean design prioritizing simplicity and minimalism giving room to the main focal points of the online magazine to breathe: the content and stories shared by women.

The focus on white space was meant to create a sense of openness and calm, together with the use of two text columns it also gives an editorial feel.

The use of images and videos throughout the magazine support the stories and interviews and bring them to life in a way that complement and don’t overpower the design.

Overall, the design is focused on creating a space where women feel comfortable and empowered to share their stories and experiences with a strong focus on the content, stories, and voices of the women.

issue #1 worth - cover

identity design

The logo design incorporates the word “womanity” in a bold, modern font. The word itself represents the idea of a world of women and “woman-ness” and the qualities that make women unique and powerful.


The circle behind the word “womanity” symbolizes unity, completeness, and the idea of women coming together as a community. The circle represents women’s world and the idea that women are the foundation of society and the backbone of families and communities.


The overall design it’s simple, clean, and easy to read and recognize, with the word “womanity” being the focal point of the logo.
The logo incorporates the magazine title for each issue or the podcast reference inside the circle.

issue #8 body - cover
worth illustration
guilt illustration
freedom illustration


Each issue has an editorial illustration created by us to reinforce the theme being addressed. 

All tend to evoke powerful and emotional connections in a clean and unique design.

shame illustration

podcast theme music and animated video

Womanity Podcast is all about sincere, open talks: no filters, no editing afterwards. Just women being 100% themselves, bringing up their beauty, their emotions, their silences, their mistakes, their flaws, their successes, their achievements.

The theme music we created is deep and evocative, creating a sense of strength and empowerment. The music also has a strong beat and melody that is uplifting and energizing, while also being soothing and calming.
The combination of electronic and orchestral elements create a sense of forward motion and progress.

In addition to the instrumental elements, it features a soft female voice in the background.
Our intention with this music was to be able to create an emotional connection with the listener and to be memorable and recognizable.
Womanity Podcast: empowering women through the words of other women.

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issue #12 change - cover
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